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Little Common Surgery get equipment

League aid will help will avoid crises

LEAGUE of Friends funding will give local general practitioners opportunity to help patients in crisis. Dr Binodh C. Bhaskaran of Little Common Surgery is the town's diabetes primary care clinical lead. He had outlined to the League's general committee proposals for an “Our Path” pilot project for Type Two diabetes patients involving all local GP practices. The project is aimed at guiding patients having difficulty with Type Two diabetes to cope better with their condition. The committee agreed to fund the “Our Path” pilot project at a cost of £17,900.

The surgery also made a successful bid for £1,239 worth of first aid training equipment and £1,757 worth of ear syringe equipment. On Friday, September 13th League Chairman Mark Sivyer, Treasurer Chris Ashford and President and Secretary John Dowling together with Social Secretary Harriet Chapman had the pleasure of being shown the equipment at Little Common surgery and receiving an update from Dr Binodh on the success of the “Our Path” programme.

Five local GPs have been undertaking 18 months of additional training. The “Our Path” team also includes a dietician, medicines manager and pharmacist. Already, patients with Type Two diabetes who had previously struggled with the condition are making progress. Diabetes is one of the major health disorders world-wide and is growing exponentially. Sixty per cent of the UK population is obese because of dietary factors and lack of exercise. Under the new service, patients whose diabetes is not well controlled are being helped in their homes.

The project is receiving Government funding but required additional help including clinic equipment and the purchase of a scanner to provide early identification of diabetes. Dr Binodh told the League's representatives: “I think it is a brilliant gesture by the League of Friends to help sponsor this project.” He said that by offering diabetic patients support in their own home the project was improving communication and boosting self-confidence and awareness of their condition. Already, 50 patients with Type Two diabetes and another 50 at risk of becoming diabetic were being helped.

Earlier, practice colleague Dr Philip Stocks had explained in the presence of surgery staff how colleagues at both the Little Common and Old Town practices were now able to train in first aid and resuscitation techniques using the series of life-like mannikins. The figures include three adults, two children and a baby. In addition to practical training in mouth-to-mouth and CPR (cardio-vascular resuscitation by chest compression) methods the kit includes a miniature defibrilator training aid for use with the mannikins.

The ear syringe offers the latest technology with a screen image of work in progress. Also in the first aid kit is an Act Fast anti-choking device for training in use of the Heimlich Manoeuvre for clearing life-threatening food blockages. Dr Binodh is also Clinical Lead for Bexhill Family Care Network, a joint venture by the various Bexhill GP surgeries.

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